And the greatest of these is Love.

I only hate one thing. Hate. I can not wrap my head around what happened in Orlando,or anywhere else these horrible murders have taken place. I can’t get my brain or my heart to go there, to that place of evil, that would allow you to commit such an act.I just do not understand. Every person killed was somebody’s someone.

A son

A father

A daughter

A mother

A nephew, A niece.

A grandchild.

A neighbor, A friend.

They meant something, to someone. And shouldn’t that be enough? As a human, shouldn’t that count? Shouldn’t it stop them in their tracks? Because aren’t they somebody’s someone?

I think of the mother who was there, and covered her sons body with her own, to save him. She was killed, he survived. That is love.To lay down your life for another. Not to take another life.I don’t have the answers, and I don’t pretend to. I just hope that when I raised my sons, I taught them to stop and help those in need, to be kind to everyone, Love everyone. That we all hurt, and bleed and  need love.


Embrace more than you are embraced
Hear more than you are heard
Lead more than you are lead
Help more than you are helped
Console more than you are consoled
Touch more than you are touched
Protect more than you are protected
Soothe more than you are soothed
Heal more than you are healed
Please more than you are pleased
Trust more than you are trusted
Adore more than you are adored
Forgive more than you are Forgiven
Love more than you are loved
What goes around should come around,in the end